How to lock/unlock screen orientation in PlayerXtreme?

PlayerXtreme allows the users to lock rotation according to their preferred choices. They can easily save their preferred rotate orientation lock on this app. 

Step 1: Tap on “Settings”

Step 2: Tap to select “Player” option

Step 3: Tap to select “Save orientation lock”

Step 4: Now go to “library” and select a video to play

Step 5: Select landscape/portrait and tap to select the “rotation lock” available at the top bar. If you lock the screen in the landscape orientation then all your videos will be played in landscape mode.

Step 6: Select another video from your library and tap on "Play". 

Step 7: From now on, all your videos will follow the same screen orientation.

Note: You can change the orientation anytime you want. Just unlock the selected orientation and set a new one. 

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