How to add files using WiFi (built-in web browser)?

Transfer your files using web browser by following these easy steps

Step 1: Enable WiFi 

1.1 - Tap the network tab and choose to add files "from browser" option.

1.2 - Note down the web address 

Step 2: Open the PlayerXtreme device page in web browser

2.1 - Make sure your PC is connected to the same WiFi network as the iPhone/iPod

2.2 - Open any web browser for example FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.

2.3 - Type the address from step 1 into the web browser and hit Enter. PlayerXtreme web page will open like given below. 

2.4 -  This page displays all the media files and folders of your PlayerXtreme gallery/drive. See example below:

Step 3: Transferring Files

Transfer files from your laptop/system to your iPhone/iPad:
3.1 - Click inside the box on the top right of the page, a file browser will appear. Choose a file and then click “open”.

3.2 -  Alternatively, choose a file from your system/PC and simply drag and drop the file inside the box.

The file will be transferred from your PC/Laptop to your iPad/iPhone or iPod.

Transfer files from your iPhone/iPad to your laptop/system:

4.1 - Click any file on the browser to download it to your system.

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