How to display media to Apple TV with AirPlay?

You can stream all your content to Apple TV by establishing a connection between your iOS devices (iPhone/iPad to Apple TV) by using AirPlay feature. Following are the steps to apply this feature:

Connecting to an Apple TV

Step 1: Turn on your WiFi and tap on "Airplay" option on your device through control center.

Step 2: A menu will pop up, tap on one of the available Apple devices. Automatic AirPlay mirroring will display everything on your Apple TV display. 

Note: Your media file will be displayed on your external screen. 

Connecting to any TV

Step 1: Use the TV out cable to connect to any TV. Connect one end to your TV and the other end to your device. 

Step 2: Play the media file. Your media file will be displayed on an external screen.

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