How to add video files from a PC or from Dropbox?

How to add files using WebDev Network Drive?
Add files by using network drive of your computer by following the steps mentioned below: 

Step 1: Note the WebDev address given in the Wifi pop-up of PlayerXtreme

Step 2: Click Map Network Drive. 

Step 3: Type the WebDav address in the folder bar and Click “Finish”.

Step 4: The folder of PlayerXtreme will display in a new window on the computer. 

Step 5: Files can now be copied from computer to PlayerXtreme and vice versa.

How to add files using iTunes + USB Cable?
Use iTunes to transfer files to PlayerXtreme

Step 1: Connect your iPhone/iPad to your PC/Mac with USB cable.

Step 2: Open iTunes and select your device from the top left section of the screen like it is displayed in the image below.

Step 3: Select "Apps" from the list of settings.  

Step 4: Select PlayerXtreme from the list of apps. Drag and drop any file you wish to transfer from your PC/Laptop into the PlayerXtreme document list.

Note: The file will show up in the document list and hence available in PlayerXtreme drive/library.

How to add files using web browser?
Transfer your files using web browser by following these easy steps

Step 1: Enable wifi web-server in the app

1.1 - Tap WiFi option from the sidebar.

1.2 - Turn WiFi status to ON/OFF through the switch as shown in the image below.

1.3 - Address will appear once the server is ON.

1.4 - Note down the web address.

Step 2: Open the PlayerXtreme device page in web browser

2.1 - Make sure your PC is connected to the same WiFi network as the iPhone/iPod

2.2 - Open any web browser for example FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.

2.3 - Type the address from step 1 into the web browser and hit Enter. PlayerXtreme web page will open like given below. 

2.4 - This page displays all the media files and folders of your PlayerXtreme gallery/drive. See example below:

Step 3: Transferring Files

Transfer files from your laptop/system to your iPhone/iPad:

3.1 - Click inside the box on the top right of the page, a file browser will appear. Choose a file and then click “open”.

3.2 - Alternatively, choose a file from your system/PC and simply drag and drop the file inside the box.

The file will be transferred from your PC/Laptop to your iPad/iPhone or iPod.

Transfer files from your iPhone/iPad to your laptop/system:

4.1 - Click any file on the browser to download it to your system.

How to add media files from Dropbox?

You can add media files from other apps by following these steps: 

Step 1: Locate the video in Dropbox. 

Step 2: Select a media file and tap on the "drop down menu" at the top right corner to export it, as shown below: 

Step 3: Once the file has finished downloading, tap the Open In button.

Step 4: Tap on "Copy to PlayerXtreme" icon. 

Step 5: The video will be added to the inbox folder in your PlayerXtreme library. 

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