How do I access media files stored on my PC/MAC from PlayerXtreme?

Make sure both devices(iPhone/iPad and Mac/PC) are on the same network.

Step 1:  First you need to share the folder on your Mac. The folder you want to access through PlayerXrtreme iPhone app. Read here ( 

Step 2: Go to system preferences

Step 3: Enable Guest login

Step 4: Open PlayerXtreme and you should be able to see your Mac with your system name under the Network tab in left navigation menu.

Step 5: Tap your device (mac) and it should open you the folders you marked as share in step-1. 

Step 6: Tap to open the folder and you can play and access any media files.

6.1-  If Tapping does not work, then Press and hold the mac device to open a popup menu. Tap edit and a dialog screen will appear.

6.2- Set it up to use Guest to connect. 

Step 6.3: The shared folders should open up and you should be able to stream/download media files easily.

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